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Our passion are flowers. We believe that floral design is the art which fulfills the natural need of surrounding oneself with beauty. Thus, we draw the inspiration from flowers and through our floral arrangements we strive for transforming your ceremonies into unique and unforgettable events. As we pour all our hearts into our designs, you can be certain that we will go above and beyond to ensure that you will join the ever-growing group of our satisfied customers.


Yet another season we successfully fulfill our customer's orders and take pride in the good opinions they have of us. We offer assistance in selecting flowers that would match the Bride's beauty type, outfit and temperament. It is crucial for us that all the elements complement each other. We will help you to choose the most suitable decoration for your wedding room and church. We are fully aware of the pre-wedding hassle that The Bride and Groom are surrounded by, so, we offer you a comprehensive service. That includes delivering flowers to the hairdresser's, decorating the car in front of the house, hiding the flowers for parents at a previously appointed place, and all this, in a professional and trouble-free manner.


We strive to offer you floral arrangements of the best quality, so, we choose only the best flowers from trusted producers.


We are a floral design studio which makes us far more flexible than flower shops. We deliver flowers to the desirable place, at your convenience. The delivery of the bridal bouquet within Warsaw is FREE OF CHARGE.


In order to book a date for a wedding room or church decoration, please contact us by e-mail or call us preferably a few weeks in advance. For the order on a wedding bouquet only one week in advance is necessary. We will discuss the details on an appointed meeting.


We are not afraid of new challenges and we welcome all kinds of unusual and extravagant ideas. Are you dreaming of a flower fan, bag or umbrella instead of a typical wedding bouquet ? Do you want your wedding room to be strewn with rose petals and dance for the first time with your spouse by the candlelight? We will make your dreams come true!