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We have provided decorations for a variety of events including closed-circle parties, as well as, ones on an European scale.

We work in co-operation with a few catering companies and advertising agencies. In June 2012, we provided floral settings for all stadiums for the whole duriation of the European Football Championship (in Warsaw alone, before every single match, we set 3,000 vases with fresh flowers).


We believe that every single client requires an individual approach. All you need is to provide us with some information about the event, and we will arrange flower settings suited perfectly to the theme of the event, interior or client's logo.

Technical support and logistics

A wide selection of vases of nearily all shapes and sizes (ranging from small cubical glass vases to 120-centimeter-tall tubes), flower pots and pedestals, is at your service.

Ready settings along with the glass are delivered at an assigned time. Moreover, we set the flower arrangements at the designated places and we tidy them up after the event. We try to relieve our clients as much as possible, thus, after a client submits an order, we take care of everything.